Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: The Basics


Brazilian laser hair removal is growing in popularity as a way to remove hair from the bikini area. Many people, both male and female, now consider pubic hair removal to be a regular grooming practice. Laser hair removal for the face, legs, underarms and back has been popular for several years now, so it’s no wonder that there is now an increased interest in pursuing Brazilian laser hair removal treatments. Brazilian laser hair removal is appealing to both men and women who want the feeling of being “bare down there”.

Brazilian laser hair removal has several advantages over traditional pubic hair removal methods. Shaving has to be done frequently (possibly daily if your hair grows quickly) and can lead to irritation due to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It can also be challenging to reach some of the more private areas with a razor. Depilatories are messy and can be irritating to the delicate bikini line. Waxing is messy and the hot wax used to strip away the hair can cause burns and redness. Waxing results are temporary, so it has to be repeated every few weeks. Also, hair can only be removed once it has grown to a certain length, meaning you can’t be completely hair free all of the time if that is your goal.

Is Laser Brazilian Hair Removal Permanent?

Brazilian laser hair removal cannot technically be considered a permanent solution, because the hair can grow back over time. However, most people will find that any hair regrowth will be thinner and finer than the hair before the treatments. After the recommended number of treatments, the treated area will likely remain hairless for at least several months. Maintenance sessions may be required once or twice a year, but most people will find this more convenient than the daily, weekly or monthly maintenance required of other more temporary pubic hair removal options.

Should you decide to pursue Brazilian laser hair removal, it is important to find a reputable professional with experience performing this procedure. At your consultation, the technician will evaluate your skin and hair type and color and answer your questions to help decide if Brazilian laser hair removal is the ideal solution for you. A reputable clinic will be honest about whether you are a suitable candidate for Brazilian laser hair removal. The technician will advise you on what steps you need to take both before and after the procedure to help ensure the success of your hair removal treatment.

There are many places where you can get Brazilian laser hair removal performed. Medical clinics, such as those that perform cosmetic surgery, have gotten into the business. You may wish to seek information from a few different clinics to determine which is best for you. You will certainly want to inquire about the cost of the procedure, but cost shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a clinic.

Today’s fashion styles and modern grooming practices are increasing the desire in both men and women to have a clean look in their intimate areas. Whatever your reasons for removing your unwanted hair, laser hair removal can safely give you the smooth and sexy look you desire. If you want to have a hair free genital area without the pain, irritation and inconvenience of traditional hair removal methods, then Brazilian laser hair removal may be for you. Which leads us to the question most people ask. How much is laser hair removal for Brazilian?

Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost Expensive?

So you want to know if this is something you can afford.  How much is laser hair removal for Brazilian?  Well, costs can vary from one clinic to the next, but generally expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $400 per treatment, so with 6-8 treatments, the total laser hair removal cost Brazilian for the first year would be around $900-$3,200. Of course, for some the laser hair removal Brazilian cost could be less if you are willing to pay up front for all treatments.  Some clinics reward their loyal clientele so if you make a commitment to return in the future, they might give you a discount if you ask for it.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Pictures

Hundreds of Brazilian laser hair removal pictures can be found here.